Yes! It seems you all love a hot, ripped guy in a kilt.

But back in the day there was little variety available to the indie author and freelance cover artist in the way of historical stock photos for use on romance novels and genre historical fiction. Full photo shoots with models and elaborate costumes have always been expensive and often out of reach for sheer logistical purposes. Thankfully, these days things have changed and it’s so much easier to find images of that hot, ripped guy in a kilt or wielding that broadsword. And not to forget those gowned ladies or those elusive historical couple shots.

How gorgeous are some of the historical gowns we get to play with here at Coverangel? One of  a new breed of stock photo sites selling high quality images direct to the author or cover creator without the need to tie in to subscription packages, you’ll be glad to know we’re lining up the costumes to take the historical stock photographs you want to see.

A reader recently asked me how stock photography sites like Coverangel source their costumes. Interesting question! Confession time. We love antique markets and vintage stores – they’re a goldmine of authentic period costumes, ex theater costumes and reproduction costumes often worn for historical re-enactments and sometimes cheaper than hiring from a theater company or hire store. And they can be mixed and matched to make historical costume magic. Some Costumes will be custom made and others will be the real deal, authentic period piece.

The rather dashing mannequin is modelling a mixture of theater, re enactment and modern day pieces for a male regency look. Covers are as much about a look and feel of an era as exact reproductions. A hint of leather, tight breeches, a billowing shirt all evoke pictures in our minds – perceptions that are quite often coloured by cinema and television costume. It’s often a fine balance between what we believe and what actually was. For example we all know the slender, clingy regency gown shape, but within that shape we find creative scope to suggest a time in the past.

So, don’t be shy. Use our contact email to let us know what you’re writing and how we can help you get amazing images that will sell your book.

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As always, happy creating!