The classic thriller / murder /mystery moorland road. Where does it lead? What’s over that horizon?

It’s simple. Great book covers sell books. And great book covers start with great cover images. Talking to people outside of the industry, it’s amazing how many don’t make that connection. I find myself saying, that image starts as a photograph and then the cover artist works their magic. And I watch eyes widen in wonder and understanding.

We insiders, the Team here at Coverangel, the image makers, photographers and artists, the cover artists, authors and publishers recognise the value of a great image to grab attention, pique reader interest and convey and spark emotion. The cover image, often before the book blurb, is the first step to that coveted sale. A cover speaks directly to a potential reader, whispering, or sometimes shouting, doesn’t this make you want to open this book, check out the blurb and start reading? A good cover image will get the brain cogs turning, get the reader asking questions and wondering before they’ve even opened the book. Whether literal or subtle, employing recognised tropes or innovative or more abstract images, the book cover speaks to the reader, entices, promises, informs and definitely contributes to the buying decision. At one end of the scale a reader might pick up a book because the image hooked them and then go on to investigate. On the other extreme, a reader will buy on the cover alone. I know I’ve done that.

Good cover images generate reader questions. And reader questions need answers. The next port of call is usually the blurb, either on the sale page or the back or inside jacket copy in the case of a paperback. That’s when you hook them some more by answering a few of those questions, but not all. That’s why they need to buy and read the book!

Definitely a guy with a story. Contemplating a victory or a defeat? You’d have to open that book, read that blurb to find out.

Happy writing, creating and publishing!

The Team, here at Coverangel.

We want our images to sell your books!